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Tomato Paste -Natura’s Pasta De Tomate Concentrada | 100% Plant Based | Ready To Use| Made With Only With Fresh Tomatoes |No Preservative, No Artificial Colors| 100% Natural (227g, 8oz) - 24 Pack

Tomato Paste Natura's

Natura's products are as close to homemade as store-bought sauces get. Maybe it's the natural flavors that make it difficult to believe the products weren't made at home in our own kitchens, but one thing we know for sure:

There's something about Latin American grocery products that people just can't get enough of. Mi Pulpe & Del Valle carries a full selection of Natura's products, including: Salsa Sofrito, Tomato Sauce, Salsa Con Queso, Salsa Ranchero, and Refried Red Beans.


Natura's Tomato Paste is a ready-to-use, traditional pasta, built on a base of carefully selected and carefully selected tomatoes.

NO PRESERVATIVE AND NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS: Naturas tomato paste is made from 100% pure and fresh tomatoes. Without preservatives or artificial colors.

SAVE TIME IN THE KITCHEN: This is a traditional concentrate paste with high nutritional content, which saves a lot of time in the kitchen and leaves dishes with the best flavor, color and consistency.

100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Natura's believes that cooking is an important means for people to show love to their families and friends. Cooking with Natura's is much more than just adding another ingredient to a dish: it's a unique way to prepare food with love and dedication.

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