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Refried Red Kidney Beans 800g

  • RED BEANS READY TO SERVE: Natura’s refried red beans comes ready to serve
  • NO PRESERVATIVE AND NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS: Naturas refried red beans is made from ground beans of 100% natural beans, without preservatives or artificial colors
  •  SAVE TIME IN THE KITCHEN: This is a practical sauce with high nutritional content, which saves a lot of time in the kitchen and leaves dishes with a better appearance of color, aroma, texture and flavor
  •  100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Naturas believes that cooking is an important means for people to show love to their families and friends. Cooking with Naturas is much more than just adding another ingredient to a dish: it is a unique way to prepare food with love and dedication



- 100% Plant Based 

- Ready To Serve

- Made With Ground Beans of Beans

- No Preservative,No Artificial Colors

- 100% Natura

- Size: (227g,8oz)

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