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Pork Skins and Plantain (Chicharrones) – Chili, Lime and Salt Plantain Chips With Pork Skins - The Perfect Crunchy Healthy Snack -Thick Cut Crunchy Fresh -Gembos 12PACK 4ounces(113grams)

Gembos Pork Skins and Plantain Chips with Chili,Lemon and Salt

PORK SKINS AND PLANTAIN (CHICHARRONES): Delicious pork skins and crunchy plantain chips with chili, lemon and salt. The spicy, tasty and unique flavor that everyone's like

CRUNCHY CHIPS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Share with the whole family or simply grab and go as a snack

NOSTALGIC FLAVOR: Each bite will bring you back to your childhood

IDEAL FOR KETO DIET: This pork skins and plantain chips will satisfy your cravings

SINGLE PACK BAG: 4ounces (113g) bag of Gembos pork skins and crunchy plantain chips (Tajaditas de Plátano con Chile,Limón,Sal Y Chicharrón)